The Process of Tenant Screening

Ever heard of tenant screening? If not then one has not been a landlord or has not rented a house in the market today. Tenant screening is the process where the landlord is in need of more knowledge about the kind of client that they are letting into their property. This is a process that each and every landlord should not assume. They should screen all the tenants who have an interest in renting their property. It can be done on both business properties and residential properties.

Advantages of Tenant Screening

  1. Landlords make it a point of having their tenants screened in order to maintain high levels of security. It makes them to avoid the chances of harboring criminals and thugs in their properties. It makes the landlord to have a sense of security resting assured that their client is in the good books of the law.
  2. It is also a security measure for the other tenants who in the long run may end up being the neighbors for the new client. Nobody would feel safe staying or bordering people whose security records are not clean and acceptable. They are prone to security checks all the time and there may be occasional shoot outs.landlord-success
  3. One is able to have a financial history of their client. In most cases during the tenant screening process the landlord is able to determine if their client will have issues with payment or they are known for paying within the required time. During this time he is also able to establish if they are credit worthy or bankrupt. The landlord would not wish to rent their houses to individuals who will not pay back when they are required to do so. A bankrupt tenant can also be established during this time. Some people may be on the run from one place to another and yet at the back of their minds they know very well that they will not be able to pay the property that they sort after.
  4. During the screening of the tenant, one helps the government to establish the tax defaulters. This is done in relation to one’s pin number. Tax defaulters are therefore easily traced. Any person who is trying to evade taxes can be identified and located during the process of tenant screening. The landlord who is performing the tenant screening would not wish to be in the bad books of the law by harboring a tax evader.
  5. Landlords are also able to remit their taxes in time and as per the requirements of the law. Anytime the property is occupied they are able to remit the taxes back to the government. There are some landlords who do not remit the taxes as required by law. When they conduct a tenant search they are in a better position to be disciplined and pay the tax to the ministry in charge.